Manuals and Instructions

┬áTo download the owner’s manuals and instructions for your trolley, please choose the model from the list below. We can only provide on-line manuals for current production models.

Other models

PowaKaddy FW7
PowaKaddy FW7 GPS
PowaKaddy FW5
PowaKaddy FW3
PowaKaddy TOUCH (>2016)
PowaKaddy Sports
Freeway Digital
PowaKaddy Freeway
Freeway II – Multi Language
Freeway II – Sverige
Freeway II – Fuse Installation Guide
Lithium battery installation
Handle Accessory Fitting Instructions
GPS Holder Fitting Instructions
Classic – English | Francais | Dansk | Deutsch | Italia | Espana | Sverige
Twinline 4