FAQs and Technical

Full FAQs and technical breakdowns for your PowaKaddy trolley.

Why should I register for warranty?

Your new PowaKaddy electric trolley comes with a 2 year* warranty (*Lithium battery has 5-year pro-rata warranty; *Lead Acid battery has 1 year warranty only).  Find out more about our Warranty Terms.  Should you be unfortunate and have a problem while your trolley, battery or charger are in warranty, PowaKaddy or its Service Agent will need to see your proof of purchase.  Registration normally means that, if you have lost your proof of purchase, we can still easily verify the situation on line.

I’ve lost the Instructions?

On the right hand side of this page you will find Owners Manuals and Battery and Charger Instructions for current models.  You can read them, download them or print them. Please take the time to read them!

Before going further do read the instructions that come with every trolley supplied by PowaKaddy.  We also list below a few of the questions we get from time to time.

What’s the best way to keep my trolley clean?

Wipe your trolley down after each outing to ensure it runs smoothly and keeps its good looks.  You can use a damp cloth, mild detergent and warm water.  Main wheels are easily removed and so can be washed separately.  Never jet wash, steam-clean or use a compressed air hose on your trolley.  Whilst your machine is more than capable of coping with the elements, cleaning in these ways can force water into the electronics and the gearbox of the trolley.  This will invalidate the warranty.

Is there any other maintenance I can do?

Yes, it is best to check nuts bolts and screws from time to time to make sure they are all secure.  All of these are set during manufacture using a torque setting but vibration over a period of time might loosen them.  So the best guide is hand tight. Also check (visually) wiring and wiring connections.  Any sign of damage to cabling or connections could lead to a serious fault with your trolley.  Should you notice damage, please contact your nearest PowaKaddy Service Agent.

Should I have my trolley serviced?

Many PowaKaddy Service Agents offer an annual service.  To keep your trolley at the peak of its performance a service every couple of years is a good idea.  Clogged wheels or bearings and misaligned components can increase the drain on your battery and limit the range of your trolley.

My trolley doesn’t run straight?

The PowaKaddy steers straight and true, as any electric trolley should. However, like any electric trolley, there are at least two conditions which may cause it to steer with a bias. The first common cause is a lop-sided bag. The offset centre of gravity tries to tip a cart sideways slightly and gives the cart an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left. This can normally be prevented by balancing the bag so that its centre of gravity is in line with the main beam of the cart. This is why PowaKaddy offers a CartBag.  CartBag pockets are laid out symmetrically on either side of the centre of the cart with pockets for balls and drinks down the centre. All the pockets are accessed from above. This means that they can be loaded in a balanced way. The PowaKaddy CartBag also features a locking base which prevents the bag twisting and potentially getting into a lopsided condition. This also means that your clubs are always presented to you just the way you like them.


If the cart receives a bad knock, say by running at speed into a kerb or a root, slight deformations in the chassis can lead to an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left. This is why newer PowaKaddy trolleys feature on-course adjustment of the front wheel to correct this problem should it happen. If you have an older model check if the problem is down only to the trolley, place it on flat even ground and freewheel the trolley for 10 yards.  The trolley should not veer either left or right by more than 1 yard over the 10 yards. Should the trolley be veering more than 1 yard over 10 yards then you can adjust the front wheel alignment.  Refer to your Owner’s Manual for instructions on how to do this. If you loosen the front wheel nuts for any reason, make sure to tighten them up afterwards. Also check that the main wheels are running freely.  Dirt or mud on the tyre can affect the running of the trolley.

Is my bag too heavy?

During our prolonged life testing we use bags weighing up to 20Kg, this is extreme.  However should bear in mind that more weight demands more power and this can reduce the life of your battery or reduce its range.

My trolley is noisy?

A new trolley will have a slightly different pitch to a trolley that has been used for a few rounds, the moving parts are all new and take time to bed in. Most of us will try our trolley for the first time indoors and of course this means the running trolley sounds louder, take it out and try it with a bag on we’re sure you’ll be pleased. Never asses noise in a quiet room only on the golf course. If your trolley is not new and is making excessive noise have a quick check underneath the trolley.  Is anything loose or damaged.  If you cannot see or rectify the problem then contact a Powakaddy Service Agent. Trolleys with the EBS function have a slightly different pitch to normal trolleys.  This is because the gearbox is different and has many more moving parts.  The difference in pitch/noise will not usually be noticeable on the course.

Before going further do read the instructions that come with every battery and charger supplied by PowaKaddy.

How long will my battery last?

Most batteries seem to die in their second or third season and often without any apparent reason. Very hot weather and very cold weather don’t help; failing to charge the battery after use doesn’t help; carrying heavy bags doesn’t help. Even batteries that are treated identically have different life spans. A standard battery is warranted for a year; so budget on between 18 months’ and two years’ life. A Lithium battery is warranted for two years; so budget on three to four years’ life.

My new battery gets round but seems a bit sluggish at the end?

A new battery does take time to fully “activate” it will get better with each round and can take up to 6 rounds to reach peak performance.

My battery is failing and it’s the end of my season?

Batteries perform worse in cold weather.  If you only have a few rounds to play before you hang your clubs up for the winter, then you should consider waiting to buy your new battery until the new season starts.  A new battery takes time to activate and if you don’t do this before storing the battery it can affect the life of the battery.   Also consider that warranty commences on the date of purchase.

My battery is failing prematurely. Is there anything I can do to try and improve it?

First check that the trolley is running well with no excessive noise and with the wheels running freely. Secondly, have your charger checked to make sure that this is not the problem. You should always have your charger checked when replacing your battery.  A faulty or unsuitable charger can ruin your battery in a matter of rounds. Keep your battery on charge permanently. Keep the weight of your bag to a minimum.

A friend has told me to fully discharge the battery as this will improve its performance?

This is VERY BAD advice.  Do not do it.  Draining a battery excessively will damage the capacity of the battery and the battery may never recover.  Draining a battery to less than 8 volts means that the charger will not recover the battery and will invalidate warranty.

Will the battery be damaged if I leave it on charge all of the time?

No, the battery cannot be damaged.  The best place for your battery is on charge.  Yes, we know that other manufacturers have different instructions for their chargers.  But the PowaKaddy charger is specifically designed for you to keep the battery on charge all the time.

Is my battery ready to use as soon as the green light shows on the charger?

Yes, the battery may be used when the green light shows because, on a PowaKaddy charger, this signifies at least 90% charged.  However, as a matter of principle, the battery should remain on charge for a minimum of 12 hours. If you use an extended battery and you have just used it to its maximum, you may need much longer.  The longer you leave it on charge the better.  Indeed, our recommendation is leave the battery on charge permanently.

Can I play more than 18/36 holes in one day?

Standard Battery: the battery is for 18 holes and needs to be charged for a minimum of 12 hours after the round.  We are aware that some golfers will try to stretch these batteries to 27 holes, this may damage the overall capacity of the battery and may result in an early failure. Extended Battery:  this can handle the occasional 36 holes and this is as much as you should use it for before fully charging it again.  Regularly using the battery for two rounds of golf on consecutive days means that the battery cannot be fully re-charged in between and will damage the overall capacity of the battery.  This will result in an early failure. If you regularly play two rounds of golf in one day, buy two batteries.

I only played a few holes do I still need to recharge the battery?

Yes. Regardless of the number of holes played the battery must be charged every time it is used.

The last time I went out the trolley did 18 holes fine this time it struggled to do 12?

Did you really charge your battery?  Put your battery back on charge and give it another go. We often find that people asking about this go off to try again and we don’t hear from them again! Double check you have connected it to the charger, does the charger light go to red when connected? Does the charger light eventually go green?  Is the charger potentially faulty?

I’m not using the battery for an extended period. Can I disconnect it from the charger?

Yes, charge it first for 24 hours.  The best place to keep it is a cool dry place and aim to recharge it every three months. When you start to use the battery again give it a full charge first, it will get you round the course but may feel a little sluggish towards the end, bear with it, it will get better.

I play at least 4 times a week with my 18/36 hole battery is this too much for one battery?

This level of use is fine but you may find that the batteries will last longer if you have two and use them in rotation (consider labelling them).

I dropped the battery and there is a dent in the case?

This is normally terminal for a battery.  Provided the battery is not leaking then charge it and give it a go.  Damage to the casing does invalidate warranty. If the battery is a lithium battery it is likely you have damaged the battery internally.  Again warranty is invalidated.

The charger gets hot?

Yes the charger does get hot.  It may even get hot enough to damage polished surfaces or carpet.  With this in mind don’t place the charger on a surface you value!  Charge in a dry, ventilated area on a hard surface.

Can I connect my charger to the mains using a time switch?

No, this does not guarantee the battery will be fully charged.

I use an extension lead to plug my charger in, will this affect the charging of the battery?

This can affect the charging of the battery especially if you have other appliances plugged into the same extension.  To guarantee a good charge then plugged into the wall socket direct is best.

Can I use a different charger?

No, the chargers we supply have been approved by the battery manufacturers we use.  This means the charger will deliver exactly what the battery needs.  Other chargers may not do this and this will invalidate warranty.

I am having problems with my trolley/battery/charger and need to go to a PowaKaddy Service Agent, what do I need to do?

First find your nearest Service Agent using the PowaKaddy website. Telephone the agent to explain the problem and arrange your visit. Explain the problem, the agent will tell you what pieces of your equipment to take along.  Most will ask you to bring everything, trolley, battery and charger. If your trolley, battery or charger are in warranty and not registered be prepared to be asked for proofs of purchase.

I want my Battery/Charger/Trolley tested and it is in warranty. The Service Agent says he may charge me for this?

A Service Agent may charge you for testing if the item(s) tested is not faulty.

I’m not happy with what the Service Agent is charging me for the repair?

In all cases you should obtain a quotation for the work from the Service Agent before giving the go-ahead.  The contract for the repair of your trolley is between you and the Service Agent, charges may vary!

I need some further advice and your questions and answers haven’t covered it?

Please telephone us on 01795 473555 or email. If you have a question and we haven’t answered it then we need to know. We will do our very best to answer your question, however if it’s about improving your handicap then we may struggle!

* Product specifications and prices are liable to change without notification.