GPS Updates

Your FW7s GPS device comes loaded with over 30,000 world wide golf course maps, but can be updated as new map data is available.

The update tool below allows you to download and update the latest course map data and firmware for your device in one simple to use app.

Please follow the instructions below to check and update your device:

  1. Click here to download the course data update tool. Please ensure you open the correct tool for your PC/laptop operating system (Windows only).
  2. Open the update tool app on a PC or laptop.
  3. The underside of the handle has a removeable cover plug between the handle grips. Use a screw driver or sharp tool to remove the cover and keep safe to replace after programming.
  4. Your golf trolley is supplied with a mini type B USB programming cable. Connect the mini USB plug to the handle socket, and the other standard USB to your laptop or PC. You do not need to power the trolley display with the battery during programming.
  5. With the update tool app open, click the ‘Course’ tab.
  6. The USB status icon will change to green and show ‘Connected’.
  7. The current device course map version will be shown.
  8. Click the update course tab if a newer version is available to update.
  9. The update may take up to an hour to complete, wait until complete before removing the cable.
  10. When complete, remove the cable from the handle and the laptop/PC and replace the USB cover on the handle.